Hyper-Local Digital Content from Creators

SwayBrand is transforming marketing through local creator user generated content produced at retail stores.

culture-first ugc

We transform stores into studios for local creators

An all new innovation to power hyper-local media production for brands.

Find Creators by Location

Our marketplace innovation unlocks creator voices through content that connects locally.

Experience-generated content

EGC (Experience Generated Content) gives your brand fun, creative, on-location content from creators.

Content that powers sales

SwayBrand powers truly authentic branded media that is localized, culture-first and representative.

for creators

A creator studio everywhere you go.

Get creative at your favorite retailers and capture fun, Experience-driven content anywhere you love to shop.

brand studio

Images + videos recorded on-location for your brand.

Create content experiences that bring local creators directly to your brand’s retail, event or activation.

for creators

An all new way to get paid for your content.

The MyStudio app by SwayBrand is an all new way for creators to get paid by capturing authentic experiences.

Content at the speed of Culture.

Micro-marketing moments happen here.

Today’s content needs to move fast. Your brand often has hours, not weeks, to produce marketing media to stay relevant and capture social media trend opportunities.


The world’s first creator ugc + influencer marketing platform with the Content Authenticity Initiative technology built-in for the ultimate in brand content safety and creator attribution.

over Everything

Authentic content equals more sales for brands. SwayBrand delivers the highest levels of authenticity by unlocking culture-first media produced by local creators.

Case studies

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