Connecting Brands and Diverse Authentikas
Like Never Before

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Brands + Agencies SwayBrand is an all new platform experience that helps your brand or agency receive authentic connections and content from diverse Authentikas
Authentikas + Talent Managers An all new app for you and your agent to discover and receive authentic brand deals

Connect Your Brand to the Culture

Connecting your Brand with REAL Diversity

SwayBrand believes that if your brand can authentically connect with real diversity, the impact and results will be tremendous. Oh and yes, we are actually diverse.

Targeted Campaigns

Target your campaigns through diverse authentikas that not only your speak to your target customer, but also represent their CULTURE.

Streamlined workflow and payments

A streamlined workflow that simplifies how your marketing team or agency discovers, contracts and pays a diverse team of authentikas for your brand.

Get Paid From What You Create


Connect authentically with brands, products and events that you already love or that you think are dope.

You Create the Content

Create organic, fun and creative content that you send to a brand privately...with a price tag

Authentikas™ Do Good

Every Authentika on SwayBrand must pledge to endorse a Social Impact (or Non-Profit) cause that they are authentic to at least once per year.

Featured Authentikas

Access True Diversity
Our diverse team has built an all-new platform to help your marketing team connect directly with multicultural talent.
key partnership
Legends x SwayBrand
The National Basketball Retired Players Association and SwayBrand are working together to bring their membership of retired WNBA and NBA players authentic brand deals
Authenticity Over Everything™

Brands and Partners