About us

Our Story
The story behind why we created SwayBrand

About the Squad

SwayBrand is a diverse team of experienced professionals that have built our careers on the forefront of entertainment, technology, consumer engagement and strategic partnerships.

We are focused on driving value to brands and authentikas through our unique tech platform, our combined networks and our mission to connect every brand with truly diverse ambassadors to unlock the most authentic marketing opportunities for specific cultures.

Vision + Impact

The SwayBrand team is focused on disrupting how authentikas source and execute brand deals. Until now, our "culture" has not properly captured or commanded the economic value and impact from the trends and movements that we in fact start for brands. We want to change that.

SwayBrand is built to help brands develop authentic partnerships and source original creative content from African-American, Latino, Asian and (finally) truly diverse sets of authentikas that would normally go undiscovered by those brand marketing teams.

Advisory Board

The SwayBrand team continuously seeks wise + visionary council from talented, experienced and proven visionary leaders. We are honored to have these individuals on our Advisory Board.