Exciting, localized content for your brand.

SwayBrand has completely re-imagined the content creation experience for brands and authentic creators. We’re excited to show you how.

The world’s first ugc platform
with Content Authenticity.

Generative artificial intelligence is everywhere. SwayBrand has carefully integrated an all new open source technology called the Content Authenticity Initiative (created by Adobe®) into our platform + workflow.

Now your brand or agency can verify that all incoming content from creators is unique and licensed only for your brand.

brand studio

UGC owned by your brand

Our platform your brand localized content with flexible digital rights management from creators.

content agility

Media Content Never Stops.

Marketing trends move fast. Keep your brand up with the speed of culture and generate content that connects your brand to social media marketing moments.

How it works

Create Campaign

SwayBrand helps your brand with any type of digital content for your marketing engine.
How it works

Match & approve

Match with authentic creators based on your target audiences, content types and location-based content personalization needs.
How it works

Approve & own

Curate images + videos, approve, and own the ugc created for your brand.
How it works

Analyze & learn

Test what types of content and from who performs best for local audiences.
Enterprise Features for all

The perfect content tool for your in-house Agency.

We’ve crafted our Brand Studio based on countless hours of brand marketer and agency feedback...and we’re always upgrading.

Find Creators

SwayBrand features a robust search platform that ensures authentic, diverse creators to discover.

Vet and Match

Our mobile app captures first-party insights on each creator that allows for new levels of authentic collabs.

Get Creative

With 3 levels of brand safety, let your marketers relax and watch the fun creative content come right to you.

Approve + Own

All content delivered from creators to your Brand Studio is private between your brand or agency and the creator.

Invite your creators

Easily invite creators to your Brand Studio. Send messages and surveys to your Creator roster.

Survey + Analyze

We’ve built a power data tagging system that dynamically integrates with our survey platform.

innovation differentiation

What makes SwayBrand unique?

Diverse creator stories for
your brand.

of people are more likely to support a brand with authentic advertising

Authentic representation in advertising is important— it drives trust and brand support.

Tell your brand stories through local ambassadors that know your retail stores’ community.

Localized creative that powers authenticity

of all searches on Google include local intent

It is nearly impossible for every brand to hire marketers that represent every customer base demographic.

Our platform brings local creators to your brand to inject culture-first insights and creative content into your brand’s media production strategy.

Digital content rights.
From the future.

SwayBrand has integrated the Content Authenticity Initiative technology solution into our in-house developed Brand Studio solution for brands.

This solution ensures that all content submitted from creators you work with is unique and verified for your brand.

Read more about the Content Authenticity Initiative here.

for you in-house agency

The best platform for your content production needs.

72 %

of people are more likely to support authentic advertising brand

93 %

of Marketers use influencer marketing.

76 %

of consumers more likely to support authenticity.

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